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Our teams experience and creativity will help you create great learning programs that take your team to the next level of performance and productivity

The Value of Custom Learning

7Sparx offers customized courses which address the needs of a variety of responsibilities within your organization. We have helped organizations stand up when it comes to leadership and management.

Organizational Alignment for a Shared Vision

Creating Business Relevance

Faster Time-to-Value & Adoption

Personalized Training Resonates With Learners

Localization and Translation

Our Approach to Custom Learning

7Sparx will customize a learning solution that will engage learners, improve performance and deliver results.


Learning Requirement


Define Learning


Design Learning


Develop Learning Contents


Measure, Evaluate, and Adjust

Learning Services


Our learning experts can help you determine what skills and knowledge gain opportunities that exist within your organization, and how best to address them. Through our analysis, we captured data insights to weigh options and recommend learning strategies and approaches that can be employed quickly and practically.


We work with your team to capture, curate and transform your raw contents into structured training-ready knowledge collaterals and delivery materials like scripts, assessments, infographics, animations, videos and more.


We leverage a proven Instructional System Design processes, and work closely based on customer desired training outcomes. Our instructional design experts, can develop digital learning that is engaging and rewarding.


Our Marketplace provide ready trainings and videos for easy access, quick learning. Yet, we provide customized educational services that include programming, graphic & animation design, voice over as needed. We build and maintain LMS-ready educational videos and presentations.


We strongly believe in live training to deepen understanding, and provide an experiential and social learning experiences required to achieve best performance outcomes. 7Sparx builds live learning experiences that engage learners, and leverage the 7 teaching approaches, and are supported by well-crafted collaterals and learning materials.


7Sparx builds leverage innovative and proven techniques to build Micro-Learnings which allows learners to rapidly make incremental improvements in learning, quicker knowledge transfer, and better information retention.

Select a Learning Category

Organizations can enable current management teams to achieve their full potentials. 7Sparx offers the followings management trainings;

Our Training Delivery Options

Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Online – eLearning Training

Micro-Learning Bites

Course Registration

If you already have an account, please use the same email address when registering for your next ICPM course. We recommend reaching out to 7Sparx training advisors to learn more about registration, assess knowledge, and determine eligibility for certification.


ICPM. – Certified Supervisor (CS) and Certified Managers (CM) learning contents are development and owned by our learning partner – Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM). Please reach out to the 7Sparx training advisers for any questions about price, schedule, locations, and any requirements.


In order to earn either of ICPM certifications (CS or CM), the student must successfully complete the course attendance requirement, pass certification exam. The students should demonstrate that they have attained the essential knowledge to earn the corresponding certification.

Training Session Date Location Price Register
Certified Supervisor Training Oct 19-23, 2020 Online $3500 View Details >
Certified Manager Training Oct 19-23, 2020 Online $1600 View Details >
Certified Supervisor Training Oct 19-23, 2020 Online $1900 View Details >
Certified Manager Training Oct 19-23, 2020 Online $890 View Details >
Certified Supervisor Training Oct 19-23, 2020 Online $890 View Details >
Certified Manager Training Oct 19-23, 2020 Online $890 View Details >

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